Centrewire Limited - 2 in 1 Combination Gate

Centrewire offer a range of two 2 in 1 Combination gates.

These are popular with land owners offering them the field gate with either a bridle/public acces gate or a pedestrian gate within the gate option.

Bristol Gate is a field gate with a pedestrian access gate built into it, it allows Pedestrians to pass through the self closing step over gate, whilst keeping the field gate closed or even locked.

We supply stock sizes in 10ft, 12ft and 15 ft , but can also make sizes to order.

York 2 in 1 gate is a field gate with a bridle/public access gate at one end, this can be either one or two opening and is self closing. The main gate can be padlock shut to prevent unwanted vehicle access while the section allowing public access is free to open. We supply both the pedestrian handle and the longer bridle handle in all cases to suit your situation.

We supply the following standard sizes 10,12(this size is kept in stock), 14 and 16 ft in both one and two way openings, but we can make other sizes to order.


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