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Bridle Gates are available in either timber or galvanised steel, all our bridle gate are self closing by means of an off set hinge arrangement for greater reliability with the added benefit of being virtually maintenance free.

Supplied in either 1 way or 2 way opening, a stockproof handle can be supplied for additional security on 2 way closing gates where stock is situated on both sides of the gate.

The following gates are available in our Bridle Gate Range

Worcester 1 and 2 way (Hydraulice self closing gate)

Chitlern 1 and 2 way

Henley 1 and 2 way

Lightweight Horse Barrier

Heavy Duty Horse Barrier

Horse Stile.

Worcester - taking the highly successful Chiltern Bridle gate and introducing the tried and tested Prosafe Self Closing mechanism, the ground breaking design has the major additional benefits of a wider scope of closing speeds to suit all local conditions. In addition the latching process is much quiter as a result of the hydraulic action.

Chiltern 1 and 2 way gates - H frame provides permanent alignment of latch and gate is also simple to install. Easy and self closing gate system enables the gate to be easily opened from horseback. The controlled speed closing on the 2 way allows the gate to take upto 6 seconds to close according to local conditions and requirements. A right handed version is available on the 1 way and a gate stop can be provided for an extra cost. A stockproof handle is also available on both to assist in stock issues.

We also provide the shorter handle so it can be converted in to the Milton Keynes pedestrian gate. Henley 1 and 2 way gate - are the timber alternatives to the galvanised options, both come with the self closing off set hinge arrangements and are sent out with the trombone handle as standard. All the timber is FSC sourced timber. All these gates allow access to the following users - walkers , walkers with their dogs, horses riders, manual and large mobility users.


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