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Pedestrian and Mobility Access Gates

Two way gates provide the best access for all because users can pass through in a forward direction from both sides. This particularly benefits users of mobility vehicles as it avoids the awkward manoeuvring associated with one way gates and kissing gates.

Two way gates provide the least restrictive option for footpaths and bridleways where a simple gap cannot be used. Where stock control is required the gates can be self closing from both sides and additional security can be provided by means of a double ‘refuge’.

Centrewire Pedestrian Range includes

Milton 2 way


Aston 1 and 2 way (Timber alternatives)

Warrington (Mobility access only gate)

Stratford (smaller gate width ideal for limited space)

Parkland (where a more elegant design is required)

Marlow - one of most popular pedestrian access gates available as a 1.0m and 1.2m gate opening, The 1.2m being DDA Compliant. Designed with an extra strong hinge system to combat vandalism and heavy duty galvanised mesh gate and integral H-frame posts with self closing gate system and auto latch.

H-frame system provides permanent alignment of latch and gate and is also simple to install. Heavy duty gate makes sure it is suitable in areas of heavy usage. Self closing gate system and auto latch ensures that the gate is stockproof in both directions.

Suitable for walkers, walkers with dogs, manual wheelchair and large mobility wheelchair users.


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