Measurement Technology Tools at BTME 2013 from EnviroMonitors

Measurement Technology Tools at BTME 2013 from EnviroMonitors
EnviroMonitors' measurement tools can help you save resources such as time, water and fertiliser applications.

EnviroMonitors are exhibiting for the third year on Stand B5 at BTME 2013. Visit them to see how you can get the best out of your turf using science based handheld meters and weather monitoring.

EnviroMonitors' measurement technology partner Spectrum Technologies Inc shall be attending BTME 2013.

Spectrum's Turf Specialist Greg Zumdahl is running the "World of Measurement Technology within Turfgrass Management" seminar on Tuesday 22 January 2013. We encourage you to come along to confirm and/or expand your knowledge and consider the tools you can put into practice at your club.

The seminar will provide in-depth understanding of soil, plant, and environmental measurement technology tools available for turf custodians. Learn how to best use the tools available to solve turf problems and help maximise playability and profits.

EnviroMonitors will be happy to talk you through the products Zumdahl shall be covering in this seminar on their Stand B5.

EnviroMonitors always enjoy BTME as visitors are enthused by the range of measurement tools available to assist with their daily decisions and improve their courses. Increased sales of FieldScout TDR100 and TDR300 Soil Moisture Meters have been seen throughout the UK and Ireland as they are quick and easy to use whilst being robust and accurate.

As well as FieldScout Soil Moisture Meters, the range EnviroMonitors offers includes weather monitoring on site or remotely using MeteoVue, and meters for measuring light, pH and chlorophyll levels to assess the health of your turfgrass.

With increased knowledge by using EnviroMonitors products, turf custodians are able to make decisions on solving problems and maximising playability and profits.

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