Spraying advice issued at BTME 2015

Spraying advice issued at BTME 2015
If greenkeepers or groundsmen had to rank their machines by order of importance, sprayers would probably come last.

With a usual replacement cycle of 10 to 15 years sprayers' performance can be seriously affected resulting in inaccurate spraying which may have a direct impact on the environment. This has triggered new obligations regarding the regular inspection of plant protection product application equipment.

Introduced by HSE under the 2012 Plant Protection Regulation, sustainable use of pesticide, the new obligation is taking effect by the 26 November 2016 and will be implemented by the AEA via approved NSTS test centres. This will affect all sprayers in use (except knapsacks and handheld sprayers).

Sprayer owners must ensure it is inspected to certain timetables. Equipment that is not in use or that which is not used for applying pesticides is not affected. Knapsack and handheld sprayers will be exempt from the requirement to pass inspection.

Different inspection interval will apply to boom sprayers greater than 3m, sprayers attached to train or aircraft and air assisted broadcast sprayers. More detailed information regarding timelines can be found on the HSE website.

Specialists from KUHN Amenity Pro are at BTME 2015 IN Harrogate (Hall C, Stand C53) to highlight the importance of good quality spraying equipment and maintenance.

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