Amazone to showcase two new Profihopper models at SALTEX

Designated the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine, Amazone will launch this brand new generation of high performance mower collectors at SALTEX 2018.

The Amazone self-propelled mower takes on a completely new design and has an updated hydrostatic drive system. It is available in two models: the iDrive with front-wheel drive or alternatively, as the 4WDi where the all-wheel drive capability makes it ideal even for the most difficult of working conditions.

The compact design provides 0-turn steering and thus offers greater manoeuvrability and safety on any terrain and on slopes. With its 1.25 metre wide, out-front mowing unit, the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine provides an excellent cut in both short and long grass.

In addition, it is equipped with the SmartCut exact cut rotor with a chevron-shaped blade arrangement for improved cutting and pick-up quality.

The robust PowerCompactor auger conveyor system consists of both a longitudinal and a transverse auger. With a diameter of 150 mm, the longitudinal auger has a particularly high conveying capacity. This enables the Profihopper to have higher conveying rates, and thus forward speeds, than comparable machines, even in long grass. The grass is compacted immediately after being picked up by the PowerCompactor system and is force-fed into the hopper. This compaction means that over 1000 litres of uncompressed grass can be collected in the 730 litre collecting hopper.

As a result, time wasted due to hopper emptying is immediately reduced and the productivity of the machine and thus the work rate is increased in parallel. The PowerCompactor system requires no air assistance and is therefore quiet and largely dust-free. Simple unloading into high-sided transport vehicles is possible by utilising the Profihopper’s hydraulic high-tip emptying at 2.10 metres.

Also being launched is the new PH1500 SmartLine.

The Profihopper fine flail rotor is renowned for its year-round mowing, mulching, collecting or scarifying abilities in both long and short grass.

However, the all-new PH 1500 SmartLine offers all this flexibility but on a much larger scale with its 45.6 HP Stage V ready engine, 1.5m out-front cutting deck and collecting hopper with 2.5m tipping height with an equivalent of 1,600 litre capacity.

The machine features armrest control of all machine functions and an advanced, revs on demand, engine management systems with road and field modes.

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