Demon International to showcase battery powered pressure washers

Demon International are one of the leading manufacturers in the UK of industrial pressure washers and the leading company for innovation.

Over the last 5 years Demon have introduced a range of new pressure washers to meet the needs of the market.

Over the last few years as emission regulations on engines have changed Demon has looked at alternative fuels and has produced a range of Honda powered LPG engines for its mini-bowsers and Hurricane combi machines.

LPG offers a reduction of 60% for CO and greatly reduced hydrocarbon emissions. There are many benefits for the hire industry using LPG as they sell the fuel and reduced maintenance for the engines.

Recently Demon have re-introduced the Tornado Electron battery powered pressure washer using Lithium Ion battery technology. Demon are the only manufacturer making an industrial battery pressure washer at this time and can now offer the future of pressure washing today. We now have a machine based on the successful range of Tornado Mini-Bowsers offering 2 hours of constant cleaning with re-charging times of 2-4 hours depending on the charger fitted.

As demands on emissions grow we at Demon look to how we can evolve pressure washers to keep up with not only better, more efficient ways of cleaning, but also complying with new regulations.

Currently we are using petrol and diesel engines, and electric motors to power our pressure washers which is the present. The future is in the developing battery world and DC motors. One option to bridge this gap is alternative fuels such as LPG.

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