Headland’s Enhanced Plant Health approach takes centre stage

As one of the four leading brands of Origin Amenity Solutions, Headland Amenity will be returning to SALTEX in a new stand location but with the same technical team, on hand to discuss their range of innovative turf nutrition, health and management products.

Of particular interest to visitors of stand G060 will be Headland’s industry-leading 20-20-30 Enhanced Plant Health (EPH) tank-mix, proven to deliver turf strength and reduce disease activity when applied as part of a preventative plant-health approach.

Headland have pioneered research and independent trials since 2007 to create a tank-mix to boost plant health, in such a way that it is more difficult for disease pathogens to take hold. A combination of Liquid Turf Hardener, Turfite and Seamac Proturf was found to deliver the nutrients required to maximise sward strength going into and during the main disease periods.

The 20-20-30 mix has proven its credentials on fine turf applications, reducing clubs’ reliance on costly fungicide applications and is now also demonstrating its efficacy at suppressing disease on sports turf.

Within the last couple of years, further research has seen some enhancements to the strategy, firstly with the addition of Mantle. Mantle’s water-soluble formulation includes a unique plant elicitor to Headland, which stimulates the grass plant’s own natural defence mechanisms. Delivering micronutrients that are fundamental to processes essential for a healthy plant, Mantle has proven itself to be a great addition to the EPH programme.

The more recent introduction of a new water-soluble micronutrient formulation, PPT114, has further enhanced the consistency of results and has demonstrated fantastic results, particularly in minimising Microdochium nivale infection.

The Headland team will be on hand to discuss this, together with the rest of their plant nutrition, soil surfactant and amenity chemical range.

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