Two new launches from Cramer

Cramer will be launching two new Optimus Z zero-turn battery-powered mowers specifically designed for professionals who demand the ultimate in performance and durability at GroundsFest.

The ride-on model boasts a mowing speed of 25.6KM/H – the fastest in the market – and a battery that allows for a full day’s operation, whereas the stand-on model has been designed for use in narrow, awkward spaces.

Both Optimus Z zero-turn mowers have been designed for durability and longevity, and come with a host of invaluable features.

The ride on model has individual rear wheel hub motors which integrate transmission for fast drive as well as park brake. It benefits from a large 18 or 24 kWh battery with a run time up to 8.5 hours per charge. Features include a water-resistant storage unit to cope with our changeable weather together with cup holder and mobile phone charger. A new high level LED bar in white and amber, with flash function, make for high visibility and therefore improved safety.

The Optimus Z stand on zero turn mower measures just 92cm in width to enable it to be driven through smaller gates and around tighter obstacles. It comes with a premium leg pad for driver comfort.

In addition to the two new mowers, Cramer will be exhibiting a selection of its existing cordless professional outdoor power equipment tools, all of which are powered by an 82V battery system, and benefit from innovative features such as Magnesium components, fleet connectivity, and ultra-high torque motors to rival petrol performance.

Cramer products on show at GroundFest will include handheld equipment such as chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, brush cutters, multi-tools, and power cutters. Walk-behind products will also be featured, such as utility carts and lawnmowers up to 61cm (twin blade).

Cramer battery-powered products have become an increasingly popular alternative to petrol-powered products for ground care and maintenance of large parks and recreational areas in recent years. Cramer’s 82V battery system delivers the power required from commercial equipment without the negative effects that come with petrol-powered tools. They generate less heat and are significantly quieter than traditional petrol machinery, as well as safer as the risk of fuel spillage is eliminated. Ownership and running costs of tools are significantly lowered as the 82V battery system is interchangeable with other 82V products in the Cramer range and maintenance is low. What’s more, with no direct carbon emissions, they are the more environmentally friendly option for Local Authorities.

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