Petrol Post Driver - Buyers Guide

Every now and then something truly ‘new’ comes along.

Before petrol driven post drivers the options for fencing in awkward locations were much more limited – either a hand-held rammer, a sledgehammer, or a hydraulic whacker were the options.

10 years ago, the Easy Petrol Post Driver came on the market and made fencing that little bit easier. It will knock in a huge variety of posts - the most popular application is still timber 3-4” stock fencing, but this has been changing over the past years with more contractors turning to metal posts for a longer life-span.

It is powered by the Honda GX35 4-Stroke engine, which packs a powerful 1720 strikes per minute from the hammer.

Making fencing easier

Many fencing contractors will own a tractor mounter post driver which quickly cover a lot of ground, and will install strainers in a few whacks. But what do they do when it gets too steep, or the trees are hanging low, or the ground is too wet?

The EPPD provides the answer, filling in the gaps where the big machinery can’t get to.

It has been tried and tested in rugged commercial environments worldwide, with new users saying goodbye to their drive-all’s once and for all.

Not just for fencing

A petrol post driver is a great addition to the arsenal of a landscape contractor, with applications including

  • Tree stakes from Whips up to Heavy Standards, using all sizes of round or square timber stake
  • Tree shelter supports, using 1” or 2” square stakes
  • Ground anchor insertion for Semi-Mature tree planting
  • Support retaining walls with Angle Irons, Metal Pins, or Scaffold Poles
  • Path Edging pegs, using 50x50mm square stakes

Lighter, Faster, Easier…and with a 3-year warranty

Weighing only 15.3 kg it is suitable for long days driving a large number of posts.

The vibration levels are measured at 9.24m/s2 which roughly translates to 200 posts per person, per day.

And the manufacturers provide a 3-year commercial warranty as standard.

For a variety of post types and ground conditions

They offer many accessories, all of which are interchangeable. The most popular option is the Multi Kit, a 3-in-1 adapter set offering different size combinations to suit your posts. Different post profiles are also on offer including square, rectangle, angle iron, and a specific set for Clipex® Beefy and Standard.

For very hard or dry ground conditions an optional extra is their Pilot Core Tool, which removes a core of earth from the ground first for those really tough conditions.

Every machine comes in a plastic Site Box with spare fuel can.

Priced from £1700 + vat, in stock in the UK.

Easy Petrol Post Driver is the original Australian made driver – designed and manufactured in Sydney by Christie Engineering. European Distribution by Easy Petrol Post Driver, c/o Spa Landscaping Limited, Unit 22 Orgreave Close, Dore House Industrial Estate, Sheffield, S13 9NP T: 0044 (0)114 2699119 E:

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