Jacobsen introduces the Eclipse 360 ELiTE

The new Eclipse 360 ELiTE from Jacobsen has been designed to combine the next generation of ELiTE lithium-ion batteries with a signature cut that has been trusted for a century.

ELiTE batteries have powered E-Z-GO vehicles for over 15 million hours, and that technology has been adopted by the E360 ELiTE to make a mower that can cut 50+ large greens on a single charge.

Noise during operation is reduced to virtual silence, meaning the machine can be used to cut anywhere early in the morning without disruption. The significant reduction in noise pollution is combined with zero air pollution with the all-electric model, while fuel consumption is reduced when cutting with the diesel hybrid.

Jacobsen has a decade’s worth of experience with the Eclipse range, and that has been reflected in the features of this new machine. The Patented Frequency of Clip Control ensures a consistent cut every time by linking the reel speed to the forward speed. By having the reels turning in time with the wheels you’re able to keep a consistent frequency of cut regardless of who is mowing, but still have the option to increase it without reducing the mowing speed. This control is taken further with individual unit control that can adapt the cutting configuration to vary wheel runs and truly eliminate triplex ring.

Attention has also been paid to the access and maintenance aspects of the machine. A swing-out centre unit has been added for quick and easy cleaning, maintenance or swapping the unit. No tools are required to swing the unit out with the removal of a lynchpin that is then used to hold the unit in the swung-out position all that is needed.

All of these changes were made following a 360-durability review that has also included the addition of new brushless lift actuators that have ten times the lifespan of the previous option.

Seven, nine, eleven or fifteen blade reels are available for the E360 ELiTE to allow for varied applications of the machine from golf greens and tees to football pitches and ornamental gardens.

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