Billy Goat’s jungle-busting Outback 4WD Rider

Tackling over-grown areas and banishing debris can be a difficult and tiring job, especially when dealing with hand tools or small machinery. Billy Goat - supplier of a powerful and robust range of property clean-up equipment - has the answer to stress-free brush maintenance with its jungle-busting Outback 4WD Brushcutter Rider.

The BCR3626BVECE model allows grounds professionals, landscapers, gardeners and contractors to effortlessly tackle large overgrown jungles thanks to its four-wheel, self-propelled drive system, low centre of gravity and powerful Vanguard EFI V-twin engine.

Whether it’s stubborn branches or unruly grass, the Outback 4WD rider easily glides over these hard-to-reach places that wouldn’t be accessible with traditional machines, drastically reducing the time it takes to transform outdoor spaces.

As well as a spacious platform, providing operators with sufficient space and comfort, it also boasts a heavy-duty mower deck. To protect wildlife and help prevent any damage to the mower, the mower deck is designed with swing-back cutter blades that swing away when accidental contact is made with an object.

The brushcutter also has five adjustable positions, between 3.5 and 13.5cm, allowing operators to select the most appropriate height to effectively remove debris. Plus, a certified Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) that comes equipped with a safety belt, protects the machine and operator from rolling over. It can also fold 180 degrees backwards to allow for easier loading inside a van or trailer.

For the ultimate brush cutting experience, the BCR3626BVECE also provides users with superb manoeuvrability thanks to its soft start function, steering wheel tilt function and spinner knob and cruise control option, helping to take the backache out of property clean-up.

Billy Goat products are available nationwide through Henton & Chattell’s dealer network.

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