Tackle the deepest surface compaction with the GKB Aerator

The benefits of regular brushing on synthetic surfaces are well documented – keeping fibres upright and retaining the durability, safety and longevity of your artificial pitch.

For surface managers, this could be further enhanced with a pass by the GKB Aerator.

Considered by a leading carpet manufacturer to be even more effective at decompacting sand and rubber infill, the Aerator’s ability to tackle compaction regenerates a surfaces’ technical, play and drainage characteristics.

Compacted pitches processed with a brush could be considered a ‘quick fix’, with often just the top few millimetres of infill being agitated. The GKB Aerator by comparison is equipped with twin spiked rollers which penetrate down to the bottom of the fibres. Linked together with a chain drive, the spiked rollers generate a slight ‘heave’ effect, similar to that achieved with tines on natural playing surfaces, to open up the surface, return infill to the upper layers of the system and lever debris up to the surface for convenient collection.

The Aerator is available in three working widths up to 2m, with an option of either four, six or eight spiked rollers offering decompaction down to depths of 35mm. For heavily compacted surfaces, there is also the option of adding additional weight to the unit to maximise the penetration of the carbide teeth. The hinged design of the unit also ensures optimum manoeuvrability, making it user friendly and efficient during turns.

In addition to improving the playing ability and meeting those required industry-approved standards, drainage will also be improved, which can help to reduce instances of algae and moss growth. The GKB Aerator is most effective when combined with regular brushing and deeper surface cleans.

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