New Weed Wizard raises the bar on targeted weed control

Technological advances in intelligent weed spraying are moving forward rapidly and now offer grounds-staff and maintenance personnel working in the amenity sector the ability to target weeds in often neglected areas such as: kerb edges, pathways or cycle lanes, and in gravel car parks.

The new Weed Wizard, from Cambridgeshire based designer and manufacturer Techneat Engineering, is an ATV mounted spraying system that identifies weeds through digital imagery and applies a direct application onto the weeds via multi-pencil jet nozzles.

Each individually controlled nozzle treats a specific target area of 100mm (or 4“band) across the machines width, targeting weeds with a high degree of accuracy using ultra-low drift nozzles combined with computer aided spot spray technology to minimise overspray and reduce environmental impact.

The intelligent application system is automatic, allowing the operator to focus solely on controlling the vehicle and observing their surroundings in safety and comfort.

The Weed Wizard can be fitted to any type of ATV or Quad bike and comes complete with a 60L tank offering a spray width of up to 1.2M.

Machine specifications include a 12v diaphragm pump, tank agitation, glycerine filled pressure gauge and a dual filtration system.

For operators there is an optional hand lance with a 4m auto retractable reel and (for additional user safety) a flashing beacon that can be front or rear mounted.

The Weed Wizard is CE marked and typical working speeds can be set between 1-6kph depending on working conditions.

Tom Neat - Managing Director of Techneat Engineering says: “The Weed Wizard offers maintenance contractors and ground staff a cost-effective solution when targeting and eradicating individual or stubborn groups of weeds with no spray drift.

“Due to its outstanding accuracy and targeted approach, the Weed Wizard uses significantly less product than a standard overall sprayer, and offers the operator a sustainable way to maintain narrow pathways, such as cycle ways or gravel paths, that can often be difficult to access for larger maintenance vehicles.”

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