Timber playground equipment designers get a helping hand from SEMA4c

Timber playground equipment designers get a helping hand from SEMA4c
The design and manufacture of timber playground equipment is now quicker and easier with the combined range of Computer Aided Design and visualisation 3D Graphic software packages from new timber software specialist, SEMA4c.

Accurate customised quotes can be produced quickly and presented to the client with detailed 3D visualisations of their project – an invaluable aid to sales and marketing as well as to the design and production teams. Sharp graphics married to detailed production drawings will help the sales and manufacturing teams quote more and win more orders.

Set up as a joint venture by leading German software firm, SEMA, and UK-based consultants C4Ci, SEMA4c offers a range of software tools that will enable UK users to design timber structures quickly and easily.

The new company draws on the design and engineering capabilities of its parent companies to offer a quicker, simpler design process that is linked to other essential functions such as costing, quantity analysis and production planning.
Currently offering users options from the full range of 48 CAD and CAD-CAM modules from SEMA, the new joint venture is working to develop integrated solutions with CAD-CAM married to structural engineering and project visualisation in the same program.

With the combined expertise of its parent companies, SEMA4c has embarked upon a development programme designed to anticipate industry requirements to ensure that it has the right products in place when the industry requires them.

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