Russell Play helps Little Explorers enjoy an adventure

Ready to be transported back 150 million years to the prehistoric Jurassic world? Russell Play and Paulton’s Park present their new Adventure Play Park designed for young dinosaur fanatics.

When children enter the play park they immediately begin their journey through the Dinosaur Kingdom. They can become an honorary dinosaur ranger and have their photo taken with the park ranger. He stands guard at his lookout nest and lives in the huge wigwam shelter next door.

Are those footprints on the path ahead? Where are they going? See what you can find and let your imagination go wild. Further exploration finds a crashed Jeep. How did this happen? Claw marks on the paint must mean dinosaurs! This 4x4 is a replica of The Dinosaur Tour Co Jeep (which can be seen as part of the ride next door). Younger children can climb up and play with the controls just like their older friends.

If all this exploring gets too tiring, there is a giant sandpit in the footprint left by an enormous dinosaur. Covered by a shade, it is the perfect chance to get out of the sun and relax. A number of dinosaur fossils are hidden beneath the sand.

Around the rest of the park there is still plenty left to discover. Climb the nets and platforms which sit among the Diplodocus. These gentle giants are hand carved into the posts, standing over 3m tall.

For those brave enough to encounter a dinosaur face-to-face, there is one last experience in the play park. Dare to climb up the back of the dinosaur over the climbing net, along a wobbly bridge and slide out right through its mouth! Is this the dinosaur that caused the Jeep to crash? Run to the control house next door and report the sighting to the ranger!

From conceptual ideas to fully integrated design, the Russell Play robinia timber range and design service allows us to create a play experience that brings your ideas to life.

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