Get even better results on marestail

Progreen Weed Control, the retailers of Kurtail Gold the leading herbicide for controlling marestail, are finding that many customers are seeing massively improved control results when Kurtail Gold is combined with the water conditioner KPlus+.

A spokesperson for Progreen Weed Control said: “One area that is all too often overlooked is the quality of the water that’s used with your herbicide.

"Water regularly makes up to 95 percent of a spray solution so it should not be underestimated the impact that this will have on the weed control results.

"Where hard water is present herbicide ‘lock up’ is not unusual however it can typically lead to 20% of the herbicides effectiveness disappearing – meaning less active ingredient getting into the plants you want to control.

"At Progreen we know from our vast experience of the weed marestail that it is notoriously difficult to control due to its deep rooted nature and thick silica structure. With this In mind it is vitally important that all the active ingredients are available. This is why we decided to launch the water conditioner KPlus+. Coming in a one shot squeezable pouch specifically designed for a 20 L knapsack.

"Using water conditioners is becoming increasingly popular and financially it’s a no brainer as it delivers better results, meaning fewer applications, less herbicide and faster drying times.

"In fact many of our customers are so impressed with the control results they have seen on marestail since using KPlus+ with Kurtail Gold they have started to use KPlus+ and other conditioners as part of their general best practice with other herbicides such as glyphosates too.”

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