As the heatwave subsides garden pests will emerge more hungry than ever

The current prolonged dry weather has already ended in some parts of the UK with reports that the rain has encouraged garden pests to come out on the hunt for tasty plants to sate their drought driven appetites.

Top of the list of predators enjoying the rain are – of course – slugs, but chafer grubs and leatherjackets are moving up through the damp soil to resume their destructive work on lawns – and the birds know it – and in the fruit and vegetable areas, all sorts of pests are once again on the prowl.

Regardless as to whether you have been lucky enough to have rain or not, now is the time to plan your pest counter attack and the best way to protect vulnerable plants, vegetables, fruit and lawns is to harness nature’s own pest control – beneficial nematodes.

These microscopic worm-like creatures live naturally in the soil hunting down their prey. The BASF range of Nemasys nematode control products dramatically increases their numbers, protecting your garden against attack.

Nemaslug controls small slugs, Nemasys Biological Chafer Grub Killer and Nemasys Biological Leatherjacket Killer will protect lawns and Nemasys Biological Fruit and Vegetable Protection works against root fly maggots, caterpillars and many more pests, including Scarlet Lily Beetle larvae.

All Nemasys products are added to a watering can or a hose feeder. Children and pets do not need to be excluded from treated areas and they are all suitable for organic gardens.

BASF’s Gavin Woods says: “Even if you are in a dry area you should begin the process of protecting vulnerable areas of your garden now because, when it does rain, the hungry pests will be on the march. If it is already raining, you should move fast to counter these pests.”

An entire season’s worth of pest control can be purchased via online stockists and delivered straight to your door throughout the season, allowing you to spend more time in the garden and rest assured that your pest control is taken care of for another year.

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