Churchill College awards top marks to Multevo's Waterkracht

Churchill College, Cambridge has made the moral move over to a hot water weed control system. Switching from harsh chemicals to 100% hot water means they can kill weeds while protecting the environment around them.

John Moore, Head of Grounds and Gardens said: “We wanted a more natural approach to our weed control, the chemical based options have an impact on people and wildlife and that just doesn’t sit well with us as a college.”

Multevo recommended using the Waterkracht hot water weed control system. It is efficient, effective and ecological. It delivers hot water at a low pressure consistently at 98 degrees, successfully destroying the cellular structure of the target plant.

"We have always avoided using chemicals in some locations; children's play areas for example," added John. " We can now use the hot water weed control system there because we know it's safe.

"An area that would have taken us a month to hand weed now takes a week. This has meant that these areas are being treated more often, creating a better standard of ground maintenance."

Multevo's Waterkracht hot water weed control system can be used all year and in all weathers, a valuable selling point for Churchill College. After considering both a foam based and electric based option, it was the versatility of Multevo's Waterkracht system that impressed them the most.

The ability to choose from a selection of tank sizes also meant they were able to purchase the maximum tank volume for their specific site.

The health and safety impact on staff was also a key consideration, the fact that the operators only needed to wear safety gloves means that even in high temperatures they can still work, eliminating chemicals means no full body suit. Multevo specialises in delivering innovate answers to industry problems.

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