New irrigation controller offers smart options

Rain Bird's latest ESP-ME3 irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications is claimed by the company to be its most versatile yet.

Its key feature is its in-built flow monitoring terminal which allows users to take advantage of the multiple benefits of flow monitoring.

The controller is also WiFi ready and upgradeable to a smart controller by adding Rain Bird's proven LNK WiFi module. This allows users to access, operate and monitor their irrigation system from anywhere at any time via the App.

The built-in flow monitoring terminal is a feature not available on many other similar types of controller. Compatibilty with multiple sizes and makes of wired flow monitoring sensors will help users to save water by sending data to the controller for precise monitoring of water flow and accurate flow rates.

It can assist in monitoring system performance, the detection of low/excess flow conditions, leaks and can shut down affected areas. This will help to save water and prevent overwatering of plants or damage to the landscape. Rain Bird's WR2 rain sensor can also be added to the configuration of the controller.

By plugging in the separate LNK WiFi Module with its accompanying App, users are given a complete, easy to use irrigation solution. Built-in notifications provide troubleshooting access, system diagnostics and operational information. The module receives internet based weather information and can automatically adjust system run times and irrigation schedules on a daily basis. Potential long term water savings are up to 30%.

This highly flexible ESP-ME3 controller is configurable from 4 to 22 stations, with an additional 3 or 6 station modules availble for to meet future extra irrigation needs. Users can add these modules without removing or even powering down the controller.

Simple operation is a major user benefit. The easy to grip, dirt safe dial on the controller is easy to use. Large text colour coded dial positions and symbols makes irrigation program selection easy whilst the large screen is back-lit screen for clarity. This is ideal if the controller needs to be positioned in shaded garden areas or inside a shed or garage.

Various manual settings can be made such as by-passing a rain sensor for certain stations when consistent watering is needed in areas such as under the eaves of a house, under decking or in a greenhouse. A seasonal adjust feature is designed to save water by changing the seasonal adjust from 5% to 200% for corrected run times without changing scheduled irrigation times. A one-touch watering facility is provided and users simply set the dial to the auto position and press/ hold the right arrow button to start manually watering the current program.

Alarm notifications alert the user to any operational issues such as power supply, programming or high flow rates when using the flow sensor. A red LED and scrolling messages, as well as mobile device alerts when used with the LNK WiFi App, are also provided.

The ESP-ME3 is designed with the installer as well as the end user in mind. A contractor default saves a default program and if the original watering schedule is overwritten in error, it can be easily restored remotely or at the controller in just two steps.

Available with a three year trade warranty, the ESP-ME 3 has a weather resistant housing and comes complete with a factory installed power plug ready for indoor and outdoor use.

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