ALS are delighted to announce the launch of Whiptec tree shelters

ALS are delighted to announce the launch of Whiptec tree shelters, a new high quality range designed to enhance the establishment and survival rate of tree whips.

The Whiptec tree shelters are rigid, twin-walled shelters that come preformed with a flared upper rim to limit bark abrasion and provide protection from browsing animals and herbicide spraying treatments. The cylindrical tubes allow the correct balance of light wavelengths to be absorbed by the tree, creating a mini greenhouse environment which helps accelerate the growth of the young plants. The microclimate within the tubes helps increase air moisture which can reduce water stress, resulting in an increased survival rate.

There are two versions of the Whiptec shelters, ventilated and non-ventilated, both of which are manufactured from UV-stabilised photodegradable polypropylene to provide an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years, depending on location and climatic conditions. They come pre-fitted with a specially designed releasable tree tie which can be removed whilst wearing winter gloves and reattached with ease.

The ventilated version of the Whiptec shelters have perforated holes in the top two-thirds of the tube. This increased ventilation better allows the young tree to acclimatise to the external environment. This can aid in trunk development by adjusting to the natural wind-rock of the area and increases the hardening off of hardwood trees. These shelters are designed for more exposed planting sites where there is a large contrast between external conditions and the conditions within the tree tube.

The launch coincides with the company’s increased focus on tree planting innovation and the new range of Aquastore moisture retaining root dip granules and gels.

Ed Smith, ALS Landscape Manager, said; “In a time where the need for tree planting has never been so high, we are really excited to announce the launch of the Whiptec range. When considering the specifications of the Whiptec tree shelters, we had to source something that gave tree whips the best chance of establishment and survival, whilst being user-friendly and cost effective”.

To request a sample or to see the full specification and range contact ALS.

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