Agronomic Services appointed to distribute Ninja and Samurai tines

Agronomic Services announce the distribution of the top-quality Ninja and Samurai tines.

Named after the Ninja as there is virtually no disturbance to play, as the core diameter of these tines is only 4mm.

Simply tine, blow, roll and play can commence, saving time and money. This is a viable alternative to aggressive coring.

Machined using a single piece of finest steel which offers reliability, longevity, and strength, just like a Samurai sword.

Micro Core is important as it removes organic matter/thatch. This will allow the turf to expand, so this creates aeration into the surface, with all of the benefits of aeration. Micro Coring produces a firm putting surface and also reduces the onset of dry patch.

In addition, there is minimal disruption when using a micro core tine such a Ninja or Samurai.

Micro coring usually takes place in Spring and late summer. The specific design of Ninja and Samurai micro core tines has the advantage of immediate playability, they can be used at any time of the year due the minimal disruption to the greens.

Also, micro core tines are great to use when over seeding.

Due to the design and dimensions, Ninja and Samurai tines fit into Toro and John Deere quad blocks. The aim is to remove the top 20-50mm of organic matter/thatch.

The process is very simple, tine, followed by blowing, mowing, rolling and the minimal disruption of the surface ensures players can immediately enjoy the golf greens. Green keeping with the stealth of a Ninja!

This is much more efficient, for manpower and due to the quality of the steel typically lasting up to two hectares it is cost effective for the Course Manager. This is a viable alternative to aggressive coring which is much more stressful to the plant and requires a significant recovery time.

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