Groundsman FLEXBLADE available to fit many makes of aerators

The FLEXBLADE Collector was a new concept pioneered byGroundsman Industries over 20 years ago at a time when popular collection implements were power driven brush, paddle or elevator.

The principal was simple, no driven parts, just scoop the cores off the green with a series of linked platelets called FLEXBLADES, these independently floating plates follow surface undulations with precision like multiple shovels for the cleanest possible collection.

The FLEXBLADE Collector follows the aerator closely catching a large percentage of the cores before they touch the ground, the remainder are scooped cleanly from the surface dumping them in a pile when the aerator is lifted out of work.

FLEXBLADE will collect cleanly in all conditions, powder dry or soaking wet, saving vital time and labour, additional compaction on the surface of a freshly aerated green is minimised as is overall disruption on the course.

The new range of Groundsman universal collectors use the original proven FLEXBLADE collection system. This implement was for many years only available for use on Groundsman aerators but as the reputation for simple, low maintenance but extremely efficient method of collecting cores grew, so did the demand for the FLEXBLADE to fit other aerators.

The new range are sporting a sleek black curved and slotted collection canopy and slotted blades. The changes are however, much more than cosmetic. The new shape adds extra strength to the canopy while reducing the overall weight by more than half. The collection blade check chains have been replaced by robust folding check links for consistent accuracy and reliability.

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