HumWet G granular wetting agent launches in the UK

Agronomic Services Ltd are excited to announce HumWet G into the UK.

HumWet G is a humic and fulvic acid infused granular soil surfactant, created for use by sports turf professionals to treat dry patch. Specifically developed for use on golf greens, tees, fairways and sports fields.

This new technology, based on a ceramic granule, increases water and nutrient absorption in hydrophobic soils. It contains highly available sources of humic and fulvic acids for rapid improvement to sports turf appearance. This versatile product also reduces plant wilt and stress.

HumWet G granular wetting agent increases hydration in the growing medium, therefore conserving water. As a combination product, HumWet G promotes faster and more complete root development and turf vigor, as well as being a soil surfactant. It can also be blended with fertiliser or top dressing and one application will last up to 6 months.

Great for use during renovations and periods of aeration and excels in the treatment of local dry patch.

David Snowden of Agronomic Services Ltd says: “We have seen great results in Europe with this innovative product, which saves on time and budget for the Sport’s Turf Manager, due to the combination formula.”

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