Honda UK launches new HRN536 VK & HRN536 VY lawnmower

Honda UK has added two new lawnmowers to its line-up, offering class-leading cutting and collecting performance and superb ease of use.

The HRN536 VK, and HRN536 VY both have a newly designed 53cm cutter deck. Power is provided from Honda’s proven GCVx170 engine.

The two new models feature multiple enhancements over previous HRG536 models, making them even more versatile and user-friendly.

Smart Drive provides on-the-move travel speed adjustment to suit the user and conditions. Movement and speed are controlled by the handlebar-mounted Smart Drive lever, and the new models have a revised lever design which reduces thumb slippage for greater ease of use.

A new two-way ratchet in the transmission means the rear wheels can turn freely in either direction when the drive control is released, reducing the effort needed to move the mower forwards and backwards while negotiating obstacles and tight spaces.

The cutter decks come with an enhanced Versamow selector. Versamow allows users to quickly switch between mulching and collecting grass, and the latest deck-mounted control is simple and easy to operate. MicroCut twin blades optimise cutting performance, and the new cutter housing design optimises airflow for best-in-class mulching and collection. There is a larger 70-litre grass bag, and the powerful filling action makes the most of the capacity even in challenging conditions.

Both models also offer a seven-stage cutting height selection. This is easily adjusted and set using two levers – one for the front axle and the other for the rear, and these are conveniently accessed from the same side.

Other design features which make it easier to look after and use the new mowers include a large diameter petrol filler cap for convenient refuelling with reduced risk of spillage, and new quick-release clamps allow the handlebars to fold quickly and easily for transport and storage.

The HRN536 VY has a similar specification to the HRN536 VK, but it also has a Roto-Stop blade brake clutch for extra convenience. Roto-Stop® allows the user to start and stop the blade using a handlebar-mounted control while the engine is running. Advantages include reduced effort for starting – especially in long grass as the blades are not turning, and it also allows the engine to remain running while the grass bag is safely emptied so that there is no need to restart the engine each time. Roto-Stop also enables travel between cutting areas using the engine to power the wheels while the blades remain stationary.

The new HRN536 VK and HRN536 VY are suitable for larger lawns including those with slopes and variable terrain. The attractive but functional styling is easy to look after and keep smart.

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