Pellenc products certified LONGTIME

Committed for many years to the durability of its products, Pellenc is pleased to announce that they have obtained LONGTIME certification for 4 of its professional tools.

The certification includes the Helion 3 electric hedge trimmer, the Airion 3 electric blower and ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries. It is the first manufacturer of professional tools, motors and batteries to benefit from this label.

One of the most effective strategies to reduce the environmental impact of a product is to extend its lifespan. Pellenc has been mobilising its R&D teams for many years in order to offer equipment that is ever more durable, robust and repairable over time.

The Helion 3, the Airion 3, and the ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries have been awarded the European LONGTIME label after a strict and impartial control carried out by APAVE Certification.

This demanding process made it possible to assess the compliance of these products with the 41 criteria of the label, which focus on robustness, repairability and the monitoring and maintenance of the tools.

  • The Helion 3 hedge trimmer has a reliable brushless electric motor, a robust cutterbar, and the materials of which it is composed, insensitive to corrosion, have been selected for their compatibility with intensive use and for their resistance to impacts.
  • The Airion 3 blower features replaceable and repairable magnesium parts.
  • The ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries are composed of very high-capacity lithium-ion cells and offer a lifespan of more than 1,300 charge cycles.

The design of Pellenc products is based on a long service life and ease of repair under professional operating conditions. The end of life is delayed, and the environmental impact is significantly reduced. By voluntarily committing to this sustainability approach, Pellenc goes beyond the regulation of the repairability index and is fully committed to the fight against planned obsolescence and respect for the environment.

Created by Ethikis ad civis, LONGTIME is the first European and independent label that identifies and promotes products that are designed to last. Because extending the lifespan is one of the most effective strategies for reducing the environmental impact of a product, Pellenc mobilises its research and development teams to offer consumers ever more sustainable products.

To claim this label, Pellenc has met all the criteria, thus validating the company's integrated strategy, focused on quality and sustainability.

Elsa, co-founder of Ethikis, said: "We are proud that manufacturers are using the label to objectively inform consumers about the sustainability of the products they sell to consumers. Committing to the LONGTIME approach means demonstrating transparency and we are delighted that Pellenc has joined this approach."

Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

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