Club thrives with DSV EuroGrass solutions

Martin Anderson became Course Manager at Kibworth Golf Club in 2019, aiming to improve the course in Leicestershire.

With a strong connection to the club, Martin's journey from apprentice to leader shows his dedication to its success.

One significant change he made was using DSV EuroGrass seed mixtures, which greatly improved various areas of the course.

Martin's connection with Kibworth runs deep, tracing back to his earliest memories. "I took my first ever steps here at a New Years Eve party," he reminisces. Little did he know then that Kibworth would become not just a backdrop to his life, but a stage for his growth and passion.

From those first toddler steps to his formative years as an apprentice, Martin's bond with Kibworth only strengthened. "My mum and dad were members, and I was a junior member before becoming an apprentice," he shares, illustrating the club's integral role in shaping his journey. It was here that he honed his skills, learned the art of greenkeeping, and even found love, meeting his wife in the clubhouse where she worked as a waitress.

In 2019, Martin landed the position of Course Manager, a role that held both challenge and promise. Armed with a vision to elevate standards and restore Kibworth's reputation, Martin embarked on a journey of transformation. "Some areas of the course needed attention," he recalls, "but with a new committee and investments in equipment and products, we set out to make a difference."

Among the pivotal changes was the introduction of DSV EuroGrass seed mixtures, a decision born out of research and collaboration with trusted partners like Rhys Norville from ReGen Amenity.

"Rhys put us in the direction of DSV," Martin explains, emphasising the importance of building relationships with reliable suppliers. The trial of DSV's Dual Use blend delivered promising results, paving the way for its integration into Kibworth's approach.

For the fairways and tees, Martin turned to DSV's 3-way rye mix, renowned for its quick establishment, vibrant colour, and disease resistance. The impact was profound. "The strike rate was really good," Martin reflects, "and it keeps coverage throughout the season, even going into winter." Remarkably, this season marked the first time in years that the tees remained disease-free—a testament to the efficacy of DSV's seed.

“We have not had to put a fungicide on the tees at all,” adds Martin. “That is extremely remarkable when you consider that it has been so wet and warm – perfect conditions for disease to thrive.”

With its proven track record of performance, reliability, and innovation, DSV's seed mixtures instil confidence with every application, ensuring that the areas it is applied at Kibworth remain vibrant and disease-free year-round.

“I am confident every time we apply DSV seeds. I know it is going to come through and deliver good results,” affirms Martin.

Backed by decades of research and expertise, DSV's seed mixtures continue to redefine standards of quality and performance, offering greenkeepers and course managers like Martin the tools they need to achieve remarkable results.

As Martin's journey at Kibworth Golf Club continues, the future looks brighter than ever. With products like DSV EuroGrass seed mixtures leading the charge, the club is poised for continued success and excellence in greenkeeping practices.

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