Monthly lawn care information

These monthly bulletins, from the distributors of Viano organic fertilisers, aim to provide helpful information on lawn care, as a handy reference point for articles.


Where the lawn is concerned, December is more a month of observation and taking time to oil and maintain garden care equipment. That said, as grass continues to grow in temperatures above 5ºC (41ºF) there is just a chance, if you are in a mild area, the lawn may need a light mowing for a tidier look through the winter. For most of us though it’s about keeping the lawn clear of fallen leaves, brushing out worm casts if the grass is dry and looking.

Look out for any signs of disease and keep a note for when you’re able to take action and treat the lawn. One of the commonest diseases is Fusarium patch which develops as small, dead patches. It’s caused by the fungus Microdochium nivale and the dead patches tend to join up to form larger areas of scarring. It can usually be easily controlled by applying the correct fungicide. Look as well for areas of the lawn that may be shaded by trees or large bushes, causing the grass to die back and encouraging moss growth. If you can, cut back or remove the cause of the shade. Allowing light onto the lawn will encourage healthier growth through the winter.

Consider prevention rather than cure with continued spiking and aeration now to help drainage and allow air to the roots of the grass. Be prepared for when the weather permits for scarification to remove thatch, probably around February/March time or after the frosts. And while it is frosty don’t walk on the lawn, it can damage the grass. If you are planning to sow a new lawn come spring, and the ground isn’t too hard, it pays to deep dig, rake and tramp down the area and let the frosts make the soil more friable for when you finally prepare and sow seed. So now you have made a little checklist while you’ve given a final trim to lawn edges and retreated indoors.

The Viano organic fertiliser range comprises products for the treatment and maintenance of your lawn throughout the year ahead. A lawn in normal condition but in need of feeding will benefit from Universal Lawn Feed from February onwards. A lawn with moss and thatch can be treated with MO Bacter from March onwards, with no nasty black residue to clear up. Viano Recovery is the organic product for a lawn under stress from June onwards. Come September an acid lawn with thatch will benefit from a treatment of Viano Bio-Lime, while Recovery will treat for autumn nourishment and greening up.

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