MIIMO 3000 - Honda's bigger, smarter and more convenient robot mower

Honda (UK) has extended its range of premium robotic lawn mowers with the addition of Miimo 3000, which features a host of enhancements, is capable of handling lawns up to one acre and controllable via a smartphone app. Available now from selected Honda Dealers, this ultimate time and labour-saving device is priced at £2,550 (incl VAT).


Aimed at those with larger areas of grass to maintain, the new range-topping Miimo HRM 3000 joins current models HRM 520 and HRM 310 in Honda’s existing robotic mower line-up. With cutting width increased from 220mm to 250mm, it means maximum cutting area is up by 2,500 square metres to 4,000 compared to the Miimo 310. Cutting capacity is also up, by 87 metres per hour to 170 and cutting time per charge has more than doubled to 90 minutes.

Honda’s new and unique ‘Smooth Turn’ technology, available exclusively on the 3000 reduces non-productive turning time by allowing it to maintain forward travel and turn away from the boundary without stopping.


One of the most significant developments for the Miimo 3000 is wireless control through its own intuitive smartphone app. Using Bluetooth, and compatible with iOS and Android devices, the app allows programming of Miimo from a distance, making it easy and convenient to set operating times and adjust cutting parameters.

Taking the concept of ‘smart’ even further, for ultimate convenience the app also allows HRM 3000 owners to connect directly to cloud-based dealer support, through which a dealer can view the customer’s settings and issue reports remotely, allowing quicker resolution of problems.


A further development for Miimo 3000 is the flexibility to position its docking station discreetly out of sight in a recess to the side of the cutting area, in a corner, or hidden away down a narrow grass passage.

Customers can also set five different zones around the garden to ensure each zone is maintained individually – ideal for the bigger, more complex garden. A range of cutting modes is available, including random or random with directional bias, while HRM 3000 also switches to a spiral cutting mode automatically when motor load sensors indicate an area of longer grass needing special treatment.

Slopes and uneven work areas can be tackled easily thanks to the large drive wheels and an optimised centre of gravity to ensure class-leading traction, allowing operation on slopes up to 25 degrees (47 per cent). A direction sensor helps maintain a straight line of travel, even over undulating ground.

As with all of the Miimo range, HRM 3000 can operate in any weather and for further convenience, it can also be washed safely with a hose. Meanwhile, at just 59db(A) HRM 3000’s guaranteed noise level is as low as a household fridge. It even offers a selectable quieter 53db(A) night-time mode by slightly reducing cutting speed. Take a look at www.honda.co.uk/miimo for further information.


The Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower range at a glance:

HRM 310

HRM 520

HRM 3000

Max lawn area




Working capacity




Cutting width




Mowing time per charge

40 mins

70 mins

90 mins

Charging time

30 mins

60 mins

45 mins

Guaranteed Noise Level




About Honda Miimo

Miimo is the perfect solution for those wanting a beautiful lawn every day but would rather not or can’t mow it themselves. Once installed it needs minimal human interaction to ensure a perfect finish. Miimo cuts little and often, typically mowing just 2-3mm of grass at a time, several times each week, meaning less stress on the grass and more healthy growth. The clippings it creates are so small that they do not need to be collected and are dispersed into the lawn root system, breaking down quickly to act as a natural fertiliser which improves the health and quality of the grass.

Miimo is self-charging, powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, and using a digital rather than analogue signal – for superior performance. It navigates the garden through an intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback, working within a boundary wire installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden, detecting the signal from the wire and staying within it.

Safety is assured through the use of sensors which when approaching an obstruction automatically divert Miimo’s course to avoid it, while Miimo shuts down completely when it is picked up, and can only be restarted using a unique PIN code. The PIN code also acts as a useful anti-theft device, with Miimo rendered completely unusable until it is entered in the event of Miimo being stolen.

For further information or images, please contact:

Ellie Ostinelli

PR Communications Manager, Power Products
Honda (UK)
M: +44 (0) 7872 103 205
E: ellie.ostinelli@honda-eu.com

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