Argyll addresses growing demand for environmental risk reports

Argyll addresses growing demand for environmental risk reports
After one of the wettest summers on record and in response to high demand in requests for flood reports, Argyll Environmental has created a new bespoke desk top risk screening report that combines both flood and contaminated land risks into a single report.

Argyll, a premier risk management consultancy specialising in environmental due diligence and risk assessment for property and land transactions, advises commercial property -lawyers on their due diligence requirements associated with flood and contaminated land risks.

The Argyll SITESOLUTIONS Combined report, which covers all four major types of flooding including flood risks not incorporated in the Environment Agency flood risk map, has been created by Argyll in response to customer demand for a premium contaminated land  risk assessment combined with a comprehensive flood risk assessment for all major sources of flooding. The report also includes an assessment of risk under the Environmental Damage Regulations, all helping to make Argyll reports the most developed in the market.

Whilst the risk of contaminated land is supported by a Law Society warning card, surprisingly flood isn't, but there is still a level of due care that lawyers must take when overseeing property transactions. The Argyll SITESOLUTIONS Combined report is designed for all commercial property transactions and helps lawyers to meet their due diligence requirements for both flood and contaminated land risks in one report rather than having to buy two.

Chris Taylor, Technical Director for Argyll Environmental comments; "With one in six properties at risk of flooding and fresh warnings from the Environment Agency and Met Office of more wet weather to come, we must not disregard the threat that flooding poses to our businesses and economy. The Law Society is yet to consider if a Practice Note for flooding is required,  however given the high incidence of flooding across the UK and the devastating affect this has had on both homes and businesses, most of our clients now use the Argyll flood reports

"Argyll SITESOLUTIONS Combined is a product that has been specifically tailored to meet the demands of lawyers and property experts. Knowing whether a property is at risk of flood or contamination  and what mitigation can be implemented can make or break property deals, so it's vital that our clients have the facts at their finger tips. The cost of this detailed risk report is negligible in comparison to the damage and costs incurred by contamination  and flood and enables lawyers to cover all of their requirements in one efficient solution."

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