Bituchem returns to exhibit at Landscape Show 2016

Bituchem returns to exhibit at Landscape Show 2016
The Bituchem Group, a UK specialist in attractive and innovative hard-landscaping solutions, is returning to exhibit at The Landscape Show at Battersea Park this September.

The company, creators of Natratex and Colourtex, two materials which have been widely adopted in landscaping and development projects across the UK, will be exhibiting at the show with its team of specialists on hand to discuss the various landscaping solutions available.

So far this year Bituchem's flagship Natratex and Colourtex materials have been used to create new and exciting landscapes at Hertfordshire University and Butlins, as well as several primary schools, housing developments and local highways.

Bituchem's stand at the show will primarily demonstrate the versatility of the products, which can be used for all landscaping requirements, with tailored products available for heavy duty and sustainable drainage applications.

Known for their aesthetic differences to black tarmac, Natratex and Colourtex offer a vibrant and exciting finish with the same durable qualities and performance as traditional asphalt. Both materials can be specified in a range of different colours, including buff, red, green, blue, grey and salmon to create a new landscape that complements or contrasts with its surroundings.

Natratex Cotswold has proved to be a particular favourite due to its attractive and stylish reflection of Cotswold Stone. The material has been used to create footpaths and small roadways that are surrounded by modern buildings using the light stone or a similar colour scheme. The material is created using naturally-occurring aggregates bound with a specially formulated clear resin binder for complete compactness and long lasting finish.

Natratex Gravel is also popular amongst landscape architects as it too offers a natural stone coloured finish and offers the same qualities as the rest of the Natratex range, although uses a darker blend of colours to the Cotswold alternative. The material gives an effective illusion of gravel stones yet offers a surprisingly smooth finish that is resistant to cracks and potholes, thus making it a very safe product to use in school playgrounds, parks and other areas of the public realm.

Colourtex, named for its vibrant variety of finishes, has been widely used in commercial applications that require a splash of colour. Often used to match the corporate colours of a building or to create highlighted areas in multi-use games areas (MUGA), Colourtex can significantly reduce the cost of the project by eliminating the need for surface or demarcation paints. Colourtex can also be used across the public realm to highlight safety or cyclist routes. The material uses the same clear resin binder technology as Natratex to maintain the durability of the surface. This also ensures that the vibrancy of the aggregates do not fade as a result of regular pedestrian or vehicular use.

Last year, Bituchem expanded the uses of its products and launched a porous Natratex solution, which was introduced to the market at the Landscape Show last year. Designed to replicate the natural infiltration method of rainwater, Natratex Porous is a Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS) and is best used in public areas where local flooding is a frequent issue. The material is laid on a porous receiving layer and allows rain water to permeate through the surface and find its way to a natural water course. This innovative method eliminates the need for conventional drainage systems, which have proved costly in comparison.

Similarly, Bituchem has developed a Heavy Duty Natratex product which can be used in areas that see heavy vehicular use. The material is laid at a deeper thickness of 10mm for extra reinforcement so that the performance and longevity of the surface is not compromised. This particular material has been used on highways and through towns and cities and has recently been used in Redbridge as part of a resurfacing project throughout the town.

The Bituchem team has developed its range of materials to offer unrivalled reliability and performance, which are just two of the many great benefits that the materials hold. Visit Bituchem at the show to find out more on how Natratex and Colourtex can be used to enhance landscaping projects.

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