New ramps allow effective access to containers at ground level

New ramps allow effective access to containers at ground level
Leading loading and unloading specialist Thorworld Industries has launched a new range of low-cost ramps specifically designed to allow easier access into standard shipping containers.

While generally situated at ground level, shipping containers usually have a lip between the ground and the container floor that complicates the effectiveness of forklift trucks when unloading pallets.

Ground Level Container Access Ramps provide a means of bridging this gap to enable the trucks to enter the container at a gentle incline for a safer, smoother unloading process.  

"The complexity of ground level containers is often overlooked because companies assume unloading will be easy until they realise that the lip provides a significant obstacle," explains John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries.
"The problem can be resolved simply with the addition of a small ramp, and we are delighted to offer this new range to customers."

The ramps, which are supplied in 6,000kg and 10,000kg capacities, are available in two designs to accommodate the nature of goods that need to be moved.

The ramp-only model is an inclined ramp leading straight up to the container floor, which incorporates two grooves at the bottom of the ramp to allow movement by forklift truck.  This allows the operator to hoist, push and position the ramp next to the container quickly and effectively without needing to leave the forklift truck or ask a colleague for assistance.

For operations where pallets are stacked high, Thorworld offers an integrated ramp-and-platform model that provides operators with an extended level working area to allow more accurate positioning and movement of pallets close to the container roof.  This model is moved using the lifting pockets in the side of the ramp by forklift truck.
"Without the platform, there is the danger of the pallets bumping into the container ceiling – a risk both to the integrity of the goods and the safety of the unloading operation," explains Mark James, Q,H&S Manager at Thorworld Industries.

While the new range of ramps is designed for use with standard shipping containers, Thorworld can accommodate bespoke requirements for customers with temperature-controlled containers or other unusual designs featuring raised or set-back floor levels.

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