New unit for all in one concrete delivery, mixing and pumping

New unit for all in one concrete delivery, mixing and pumping
Mixamate, the UK's leading provider of mix-on-site concrete and screed, has unveiled a new unit that allows for the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle.

The innovative machinery has been trialled by key Mixamate account customers throughout November and December 2012, and is now fully operational in and around the London area.

The fully road-worthy vehicle was designed and manufactured by Mixamate in the UK using a combination of technologies drawn from the US, UK, and Denmark. At just 12 metres long, it can easily navigate site and residential road access, and is capable of administering up to 12 cubic metres of concrete per delivery. Complete with an on-board 50 metre delivery hose, the unit can pump at a rate of up to 6-8 metres per hour.

"We are very pleased to have developed and manufactured this innovative new type of machine here in the UK using a range of International technologies," said Chris Smith, managing director for Mixamate.

"We have integrated robust concrete pumping machinery directly with a mix-on-site vehicle to create a brand new type of machine in the Batched on Site industry. The Concrete Pumping Truck provides an all-in-one service for the on-site delivery, mixing and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle, which eliminates the need for a separate pump to be delivered, reducing costs, hassle, and CO2 emissions."

The innovative "˜Concrete Pumping Truck' has been specifically designed to administer concrete directly from mixing pan to trench. This removes the need to hire a separate pump for construction jobs requiring concrete pumping, significantly reducing transport, labour and waiting costs, while reducing the number of vehicles on the road. It also removes the hassle that has traditionally been associated with hiring a separate pump, removing the need for ordering, storage, and cleaning.

The unit also draws upon Mixamate's pioneering Conqueror Mixing technology, to deliver Batching Plant quality concrete from a mix-on-site service. Each ingredient that goes into the mix is metrically weighed and monitored by the machine's on-board computer, providing a print-out documenting the exact quantities of the mix. This provides a significantly more accurate mix than Volumetric Concrete Trucks are able to achieve, ensuring a high standard of concrete, whatever strength is required.

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