Zigma announces launch of Economat MB (MultiBoard)

Zigma announces launch of Economat MB (MultiBoard)
Zigma Ground Solutions is once again looking to deliver value products to meet changing market conditions.

Zigma's latest addition to their temporary access and ground protection products is Economat MB, a multi-use, cost effective and light weight ground protection and construction mat.

Zigma is recognised globally as a leading designer and manufacturer of temporary access and ground protection products. Zigma®'s philosophy is to provide "˜Best in Class' solutions that offer optimum safety, performance and value, coupled with total commitment to sustainability and the environment

Economat MB has been developed for jobs where our customers want a low cost, easy to deploy and reusable temporary access and plywood is often used in these situations. However, risk of slippage and falls, injury from splinters, the increasing costs of plywood, short lifespan and the increasing environmental costs of disposal, make Economat MBTM a safer and more economic alternative than plywood.

Zigma's Economat MB can also be used as tough and durable decking or as a multi-use construction board; mixing cement, storing spoil, construction walkways or protective up stands – jobs where plywood would typically be used, normally out of habit.

Iain Brown, founder and Managing Director of Zigma commented: "Zigma is always innovating to improve both safety performance in the sustainable design of its temporary access and ground protection products.

"Currently available outside of the UK only, our Economat MBTM has many uses on jobsites, not just for temporary access, and compares very well to the equivalent plywood price, but with the advantages of being re-usable, weatherproof, safe and easy to deploy. This is a real value proposition when compared to traditional products or materials and with a great introductory offer to our customers there is no better time to get in contact with us."

Key Features: 2410mm x 1200mm x 11mm; 32kgs; Grip surface upper side; Connection Holes; 100% Recycled LDPE. Key industries: Construction; Groundwork; Landscaping; Agriculture; Equestrian; Events.

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