Slatewood Stone now available from CED Stone Group

If you want to get that reclaimed style in your garden while still benefiting from all the qualities of natural stone then try CED Stone's latest product, Slatewood – a stone that naturally looks like gnarled, rustic driftwood.

Black-grey in colour and shot through with golden-brown hues, Slatewood is grained and craggy; making it an excellent alternative to using old or weathered timber in your garden scheme.

When pieces of Slatewood are traditionally split, its minerals give it a natural wave; making it look remarkably similar to worn bark. Like any natural stone material, Slatewood is incredibly strong and hard-wearing.

Being a completely natural, non-processed stone, Slatewood naturally imitates the normal colour variations found in timber materials due to its own organic mineral combinations, making it a more authentic alternative than more commonly used wood replicas that are usually manufactured from concrete or ceramics.

Made primarily of Mica and Quartz minerals with smaller amounts of Sericite and Chlorite, the Quartz minerals grow causing the surrounding minerals to deform, creating eye-shaped formations called Augen which have the appearance of wood knots.

"We’re always looking for new and exciting products to offer our customers, so we’re proud to be introducing Slatewood into our natural stone range," said Giles Heap, Managing Director of CED.

"Slatewood is a fantastic product that’s going to offer a unique and interesting element to a whole variety of landscape projects – it’s a very versatile product and we can’t wait to see what our customers do with it."

Slatewood is a versatile material and due to it’s highly grained texture, it’s perfect for making a style statement in areas that have a particularly high slip-risk, such as sloping paths. Slatewood is also a fantastic element to combine with plants and water, and can be used to create all sorts of different visual effects.

Slatewood can also be used for building structures - create incredibly long-lasting raised bed borders in place of timber sleepers, or use as chunky beams for pergolas and other outdoor structures.

Add textured feature walls or ornamental arrangements, or lead a path of stepping stones set within natural stone aggregates for a captivating contrast of textures; the possibilities are endless.

Slatewood is now available from CED in Palisades or Planks of various sizes, and CED can also offer a bespoke service for more specific size and shape requirements.

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