Barbican versus steel palisade

The Barbican range was designed over 26 years ago by Jacksons Fencing to be the most complete, versatile, adaptable and durable range of fencing and gates available.

Over the years, as we have continually improved on it, Barbican has grown to become our signature design and recognised for the high levels of security it provides, without compromising on style. This is a direct contrast to one of the more frequently used and unattractive products on the market, steel palisade.

Steel palisade fencing is typically used to protect commercial premises with its intimidating look and low initial costs, proving popular with many property owners.

However, steel palisade fencing is a false economy. Issues with rust, low quality steel and poor finishes mean that the long term costs end up being much higher due to constant maintenance and repair.

Cost is not the only factor. Most security experts consider steel palisade fencing to be far less effective than alternative products available on the security market, such as Barbican.

For example, because of the width of the upright pales, visibility through the fence is poor which impedes surveillance. Palisade fences are secured by rivets or bolts, which can be knocked out or unbolted with relative ease, allowing intruders to swing them aside, giving access to the site without leaving a tell-tale sign that the perimeter has been compromised. The danger here is that unauthorised accessed can be gained numerous times before a breach is identified.

Barbican is a superior product to steel palisade in every way. Its high-quality design is backed by a 25 year guarantee, reducing lifetime costs.

Far sturdier than its cheaper counterpart, its rails cannot be easily removed thereby providing assurance that a site’s perimeter security won’t be breached. Along with its anti-climb design this prevents access either through or over the perimeter.

Barbican fencing is also available as LPS 1175 SR1 rated and can also be customised to accommodate barbed wire, razor wire or Rota Spike as well as be installed on uneven or sloping ground.

Barbican conforms to anti-trap regulations, clearing it for use at parks and playgrounds. Barbican is adaptable to any situation with a range of aesthetically pleasing finials available.

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