Jacksons Fencing security mesh excels in SR3 test

Jacksons Fencing has announced a further accreditation that underlines its credentials as the leading provider of perimeter security solutions.

The company has added the important SR3 certification, for its UHS Extreme mesh systems from the Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB).

The SR3 rating is only given to products that can endure an attempted breach using tools like axes, gas torches, crowbars, drills, bolt cutters, angle grinders and more.

Not only has Jacksons’ security mesh been certified by the LPCB, it is also approved by the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme, confirming its suitability for higher levels of security.

Cris Francis, Head of Commercial Sales at Jacksons Fencing, commented: “Fences and gates manufactured with our UHS Extreme Mesh and UHS Heavy Mesh have resisted attack from various tools to create a strong defence and help protect key parts of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

"Utilities such as water plants, for example, are extremely valuable assets that require secure perimeter protection to safeguard supply and ensure the stability of the country.”

The SR3 mesh comes with a variety of different features, making it perfect for a wide range of security needs. It is double skinned, with small apertures to prevent an intruder gaining foot or handholds.

The SR3 endorsement is the latest addition to the Jacksons Fencing range of high quality perimeter security and access control solutions. Jacksons is the only UK fencing and gate manufacturer able to offer perimeter security solutions in all LPS 1175 Security Ratings from SR1 to SR5 including innovative timber and timber and mesh combinations.

Jackson’s team of technical and engineering experts are readily available to provide support to the most complex and challenging projects.


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