New porcelain patio project completed with NCC paving jointing

This new 70m2 porcelain patio in Chorely was laid by CR Services at the end of the normal season for external porcelain tile installations.

The owners wanted to ensure that from as soon as possible and throughout the next season, they could keep it sparkling clean, and prevent any dirt build-up, but without damaging and blasting out the pointing, by frequently pressure-washing their new patio to remove all types of spillages and dirt build-up.

As a result, the owners did extensive research to find a robust external porcelain jointing product that was suitable for installation at that time, meaning in lower temperatures and possible wet-weather, as well as being resistant to staining and that could take frequent cleaning by high-pressure jet-washing.

Fortunately, they found CR Services and their suppliers NCC Streetscape, who provided the solution using GftK’s vdw 815plus paving joint mortar, and in the owner’s choice of a slightly contrasting Stone-Grey colour.

GftK’s vdw 815+ is a tough 2-part epoxy resin bases product, specifically designed for narrow joints from just >3mm wide, with no wet-weather limitations and this is non-staining and easily takes frequent pressure jet-wash cleaning.

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