Perfect pointing for exposed granite flags

At this private development project in Perranporth Cornwall, despite the distance, they wanted the paving works completed by Fisher Builders, as they had used them for quality paving before.

This prestige project used medium sized granite flags with narrow 5mm joints to suit the look and function of the steps up to the front door.

The problem was what product to use to point / grout these narrow, but critical joints with, especially in this exposed location, with sometime sensitive granite paving surfaces, and in the middle of a cold, wet and windy winter.

Fisher referred to NCC Streetscape, the flags were first sealed using GftK’s vdw 950-3in1-Protect and then the joints were wet-slurry grouted with GftK’s vdw 815 Paving Joint Mortar.

It is an epoxy bound, graded sand, self-compacting pointing mortar specifically designed for such narrow joints, and which also produces a fast curing, strong, durable finish that is resistant to traffic, weathering and even pressure jet cleaning - unlike most pre-bagged pointing products on the market

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