New tree-lined plaza welcomes new arrivals

Bridlington is on Yorkshire’s East Coast, sited 15 miles south from Scarborough, and just a mile from the dramatic cliffs of Flamborough Head.

Bridlington offers a charming mix of traditional seaside attractions, as well as an incredible 15 miles of stunning golden beach, stretching as far south as Hornsea.

Phase Two of the £13.3m Bridlington Integrated Transport Plan, included a total redesign and transformation of the frontage of Bridlington’s railway station.

The new Station Plaza features improved access roads, new short-stay and disabled parking, a taxi rank and coach drop-off point, as well as an inviting pedestrian area with contemporary seating and tree planting, to provide not only shade but also vital storm water attenuation – a green and welcoming first impression for visitors to the seaside town.

The contracting work was awarded to Hull-based PBS Construction, who are a family business with strong ties to Bridlington. PBS asked Green-tech to provide a structural tree pit system that would enable the trees planted within the hard landscaping around the plaza to establish without risk of soil compaction.

A total of twelve trees were planted, eight on the pedestrian plaza area immediately outside of the main entrance, and four sited alongside the taxi rank. To help the trees achieve their full potential, we wanted a good organic topsoil for them to grow in, as well as enough rooting volume. The challenge with planting in any hard landscape is how to use the good stuff underneath the paving, without the paving sinking and compacting the soil. This is where Green-tech’s ArborRaft geo-cellular sub-base replacement system comes into its own.

Rather than using a traditional deep-pit crate system that fills the tree pit down to the base, ArborRaft works on a combined raft/bridging principle, and sits across the top of the tree pit, leaving the rooting area itself completely free of plastic. Not only is this better for the tree, but it also means there is no conflict with underground services such as water, gas, electric or communication lines.

The ArborRaft can take a static vertical loading of 70 tonnes/m2, so can be used under vehicular or pedestrian paving with no concerns about the paving sinking, or the soil underneath becoming compacted. This means that we can use a soft, friable, organic topsoil in the tree pit, rather than a heavily sand-based structural tree soil.

The trees were planted in individual tree pits, and over 300 tonnes of Green-tech’s manufactured Green-tree soil was delivered to site in stages as required. Green-tech also supplied each tree pit with tree anchors, Mona irrigation rings topped with aluminium Piazza filler inlets, and Fortress tree grilles, which are designed to take paving sets for a flush surface finish with the surrounding paving.

Alasdair Innes, Green-tech’s Specification Advisor comments: “This great looking project makes a good impression to anyone arriving at Bridlington by train. Green-tech has worked with PBS Construction since 2006, and it was a pleasure to be able to be part of something so transformative for one of Yorkshire’s favourite seaside resorts. ArborRaft is so easy to lay, and even though it has been tried and tested over ten years or more, it’s always nice to see a finished project with the trees looking so healthy. It is early days but once mature they will give welcome shade for commuters and visitors alike.”

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