The switch to Bio-Lubricants gathers pace

The switch to Bio-Lubricants gathers pace
Whether it's a desire by arborists to "˜green' the industry or to create a healthier working environment for themselves, more and more have switched to vegetable-based biodegradable oil for chainsaws. When considering the fact that every 5m3 of solid timber harvested puts a litre of chainsaw oil into the environment – the use of non-toxic oil makes sound environmental and health & safety sense.

Leading brands such as Plantoil chainsaw oil is non-toxic and more than 90% biodegradable within 21 days, according to the CEC-L-33 test method. It does not harm forests or waterways and using vegetable-based biodegradable oil means that chain saw operators are not subjected to the health risks associated with mineral oils.

Biodegradable vegetable-based lubricants are better for the operator and better for the environment - they rapidly degrade and are non-toxic. Studies have shown that using non-toxic biodegradable chain oils and 2-stroke oils reduces the potential health problems associated with the use of mineral oils. These include eye, skin, nose and throat irritation.

Leading UK supplier of bio-lubricants, Plantoil Ltd reports that demand for its products, made from pure refined rapeseed oil, is on the increase. Plantoil's managing director Jeremy Pilch, who first introduced Plantoil chainsaw lubricants into the UK more than two decades ago says: "At last the UK is catching up to such countries as Austria, Germany and those in Scandinavia where the use of vegetable-based chainsaw oils is controlled by legislation and the use of pure rapeseed oil, a renewable resource, is the industry norm."

Today, Plantoil Ltd has extended its product mix and is able to offer a countrywide 2-3 day free delivery service for their range of chainsaw lubricants, 2-stroke oil, saw blade oils, hydraulic oil and biodegradable grease, which is used by the Canal and River Trust.  

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