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GreenMech is the leading British chipper manufacturer, supplying the global market with high quality wood chippers for the professional user. We design, test, manufacture and distribute our machines and support all our products through our dealer network. We offer a range of Pedestrian, Road-Tow, Turntable, Tracked and Tractor-Mounted machines to meet every need, with chipping capacities from 4 to 9 inches (100mm to 220mm). All machines are fitted with Stage V Emissions-compliant diesel or petrol engines and have been designed to incorporate significant noise reduction features.

We take pride in the products we build so much so that every GreenMech product comes with a full, unlimited, three-year, no-quibble warranty. That means that you can buy with confidence and obtain professional after-sales service from our dealer network, which is backed-up by extensive product, parts and engineering resources from our headquarters in Warwickshire.

GreenMech Finance also offer finance and funding options for UK business customers.

GreenMech is known for its innovative engineering solutions such as the Disc Blade and SAFE-Trak and SURE-Trak systems:

  • When Disc-Blades are used, only 30 per cent of their circumferences come into contact with the woody material, so the blades can be turned to the next sharp section when the edge has worn. This allows the blades to be turned twice before they need to be re-sharpened, in essence giving you three blades in one. Conventional straight blades are more susceptible to damage and therefore will need to be replaced more frequently for optimal performance.
  • GreenMech’s patented SAFE-Trak extending track system has proved its worth since its introduction in 2002 on the 19-28, the only tracked chipper certified for use on both Network Rail and Deutsche Bahn (German Railways). Its ability to traverse embankments of up to 35 degrees is unrivalled but now GreenMech have gone one better with the SURE-Trak System (patent pending), GreenMech’s new pivoting independent track assembly which further increases the 19-28’s stability and broadens its operating profile over steep and uneven ground. The independently pivoting track assemblies allow each track to maintain contact with the ground while following the differing contours and so provide a surer footprint and improved stability.


Powerful EVO 165D exceeds the expectations of Norfolk...

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Having cemented their position in the 6” market with the revolutionary EVO 165 series, GreenMech are introducing its ‘big brother’ in the shape of the 8” EVO 205D, which promises to set the new standard for large capacity woodchippers. ... Read More


EVO 165P ‘Sub-750’  Brochure

EVO 165P ‘Sub-750’

By GreenMech

Arborist 150 Brochure

Arborist 150

By GreenMech

QuadChip/QuadTrak 160 Brochure

QuadChip/QuadTrak 16...

By GreenMech


EVO 165D -

By GreenMech

The EVO 165D represents everything that’s...

EVO 165P SUB-750 -

By GreenMech

The EVO 165P SUB-750 represents everything...


By GreenMech

This specialist road-tow or tracked 6 inch/160mm...


EVO 165p Sub-750 -

By GreenMech

QuadChip and QuadTrak 160 -

By GreenMech

EVO 165D -

By GreenMech