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Makita’s blowers are used to maintain some of the country’s most high profile landmarks including the grounds of The Tower of London. The range includes cordless, handheld and backpack blowers. The latest addition to the range is the EB5300TH 4-stroke back pack blower.

The new Makita EB5300TH Back-Pack Blower is a refined version of the 75cc machine designed for maintenance contractors, major property owners and tool hire operations. Powered by a 52.5 cc version of the advanced MM4 engine this blower is lighter at 8.9 kg when dry, and delivers 15m³/minute maximum air flow volume with a maximum velocity of 82metres/second. This performance is ample for all leaf management operations but reduces the “arm strength” required to control the direction of the nozzle during a full days work. Lighter weight, better air control, longer run time - all positive attributes.

The engine is separated from the frame by four isolating damper springs ensuring vibration is greatly reduced allowing longer run time and greater operator protection. The fully padded back-pack harness adds to operator comfort. The telescopic pipe and nozzle is adjustable to the operator’s height and protection from static electric shock is achieved with ample insulation distance between the grip and nozzle.

This high-spec model has an anti-icing valve which prevents icing up in cold conditions and is compliant with EPA Phase 2 and EU Stage 2 exhaust regulations. The Makita EB3300TH Back-Pack blower has a convenient carry handle for easy transport.


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