Porcelain tile paving - successful jointing explained

The key to successfully grouting the joints of external porcelain paving is to use an equally highperformance jointing material.

Traditionally, cement-based tile grouts are used for porcelain tiles on internal walls and floors which is fine indoors, but for external porcelain paving, these cement and so-called ‘hybrid’ (means cement with a bit of polymer added), tile grouts are not sufficiently durable for long term external exposure to weathering.

Cement-based pointing products today are polymer modified to counteract cement shrinkage, but this is very sensitive to any residual water in the joints that will change the ratio leading to shrinkage and cracking in the cement grout itself.

Cement residues are also difficult and time consuming to remove from porcelain surfaces and require additional cleaning treatments to remove ‘cement-haze’.

The best solution for porcelain paving jointing today is not an internal tile grout, nor a cement mortar, but a high performance, two-part, epoxy resin bound, graded fine alluvial sand based jointing system.

The right product for the job depends on the type of stone, the size of the paving and the dimensions of the joints – for example, a two-part, epoxy resin based, GftK vdw 815+ or GftK vdw 850+, for joint widths from >3mm, or >5mm respectively, which are undoubtedly the best products we have seen for durable external porcelain tile jointing / pointing.

NCC Streetscape is the UK’s exclusive agent and distributor of GftK’s vdw 2-part, epoxy resin based, wet-slurry applied (these are not so-called ‘brush in’s) jointing products, which have been used extensively for grouting to point porcelain paving for more than seven years throughout the UK, which is significant given the recent growth in porcelain tile paving.

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