Strong and steady Wiedenmann Super 500 prioritises versatility and safety

A mark of a top machine is when R&D engineers prioritise versatility and safety equally, then deliver both in abundance. Wiedenmann’s Super 500 is such a machine. It’s a sweeper collector with a difference because it also verticuts, flail mows and fraise mows, making it a worthy recipient of the name 'Super'.

Most users choose the multi head base unit and then select from a range of flail and verticutting blades to suit their purpose.

Blades can be set to 57 mm, 38 mm or 19 mm spacings. Collected clippings make their way to a 2.5 cubic metre hopper, the airflow path ensuring the container is completely filled and tightly packed whether it be leaves, grass or other debris. Infinitely variable high dump at any height up to 2.1 m elevates the Super 500’s status to work with all kinds of trailers. Productivity is maximised as time and fuel are saved with fewer journeys for emptying.

Safety features begin with the Super 500’s floating head which follows contours and allows sweeping without changing implements. The parallelogram guided suspension helps the operator find an optimal working position.

The fully floating head allows for ideal ground adaptation so takes uneven ground in its stride.

Next special flotation tyres with a large contact area and low ground pressure protect the surface together with a pair of anti-scalp rollers.

The eco-friendly chute, which guides the dust toward the ground, reduces dust to the operator and the surrounding area.

Further options are the golf course kit which fits to the front roller and replaces two tyres, enabling the multi-function head to follow the contours even more accurately. The super contour kit assists those with deep ridges and furrows. An additional back roller with additional anti scalp rollers fits inside the rotor drum brings the anti- scalp wheels even closer to the centre of the rotor drum.

Finally, you can opt to have all hydraulic functions operated by electric controls from the tractor seat.

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