Super quietly for Wiedenmann sweepers and collectors

Quiet machines make for a healthier and happier working environment. German engineers designing Wiedenmann’s range of sweepers, blowers and collectors always prioritise keeping noise to a minimum.

Take Wiedenmann’s Super 500 and Super 600, the 4-in-1 sweeper collectors for example. Billed as the archetypal multi taskers, these machines can be used for sweeping, leaf collecting, verticutting, scarifying or flail mowing depending on attachments employed.

In any of their modes they produce a high airflow which ensures collected material is well compacted. For the Super 500, its high-performance vacuum packs the 2500 litre hopper every time. With the Super 600 it packs a 4000 litre hopper, both models producing a professional clean finish. Crucially, the airflow of the exhaust is driven downwards minimising noise and dust, important if working in noise sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals or residential areas. The multi rib belt drive system also reduces any maintenance work.

Wiedenmann UK has two blowers, the Mega Twister and its smaller sister, the Whisper Twister, both with a patented ‘whisper’ turbine. Again engineers have identified the path of the air flow as vital. An innovatively side-routed airflow system operates with spent air discharged through a low level air vent, allowing the ground to absorb almost all of their noise.

The Mega Twister has a versatile 230° swivel action, 390m³ per minute airflow and is easily adjusted in all directions. Leaves and debris can be blown continuously in one direction with no requirement to leave the cab, back up or turn the unit round. The blow out nozzle can be set vertically, so that the air stream can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions guiding leaves and debris accurately and quickly. The Whisper Twister turns 180° and has 200m³ per minute airflow.

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