Choosing the right options for KIOTI’s versatile compact tractor range

When it comes to maximising the performance and efficiency of a compact tractor, selecting the right type of tyre is crucial.

The diverse range of options available can be overwhelming, but understanding the key differences between various tyre types will help you make an informed decision.

That’s why all KIOTI compact tractors are available with an choice of general purpose, industrial, turf and agricultural tyres.

General-purpose & Industrial Tyres: Commonly the go-to choice for compact tractors that perform a wide range of tasks. They feature a versatile tread pattern that offers a balance between traction and smooth operation on various surfaces, including tarmac, grass, and loose soil. These tyres provide good grip, stability, and a comfortable ride. Industrial tyres are harder wearing and better suited for extensive road or loader work. However, the performance of both may be limited in challenging conditions such as muddy or steep terrains.

Agricultural Tyres: Designed specifically for farm work, agricultural tyres excel in muddy off-road environments. They have deep treads with aggressive patterns, offering superior traction on loose soil, mud, and uneven terrain. Agricultural tyres provide excellent stability on slopes and can carry heavy loads. However, they may wear more on hard surfaces, such as concrete or tarmac, and cause surface disturbance on turf.

Turf Tyres: For compact tractors used mainly on lawns, golf courses, or sports fields, turf tyres are the ideal choice. They feature a shallow, smooth tread that minimises turf damage, ensuring a clean and even cut with a level finish. Their wider profile also helps reduce compaction. However, due to their diamond style and shallow tread, they have limited performance on rough terrains, mud, or snow, and are not suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Equipping your compact tractor is crucial for optimising its performance. General-purpose and industrial tyres strike a balance between versatility and performance, while agricultural tyres excel in challenging terrains. Turf tyres are ideal for maintaining lawns and delicate surfaces.

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