HAGS SMP launches new outdoor fitness collection for senior and inclusive users

HAGS SMP launches new outdoor fitness collection for senior and inclusive users
HAGS SMP, market leader in outdoor play equipment, is launching a new outdoor fitness collection to encourage physical activity in older and disabled people.

The collection, which includes the HAGS SMP Sit Up exerciser, Leg and Back Stretch exerciser, Push Hands exerciser, Pull Up exerciser and the new Trinity Cycle, have been designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users, people with disabilities and older people to help them exercise effectively and safely.  

Leon Wilson, Urban Sports Manager at HAGS SMP, explains: "With an ageing population we have launched a Senior and Inclusive Outdoor Fitness Collection to enhance people's everyday lives through gentle exercise and promote active lifestyles. This style of low resistance fitness improves joint mobility, supports core strength and expands flexibility helping users to deal better with everyday tasks.

"The launch will also help address the growing issue of physical inactivity amongst disabled people in England. This growing problem was highlighted by the ukactive Turning the Tide On Inactivity Report which stated less than two in 10 of the estimated 11 million disabled people in England take part in sport."

A key piece of equipment from the new range is the triple use Trinity Cycle, which has been designed based on the results of a Design Ergonomics Test by Loughborough University.  A recumbent bike, a hand bike and a wheelchair user hand bike, the Trinity Cycle can be used by adults of varying size and mobility levels. Thanks to the ergonomically designed sloping backrest and unique three tier hand grip system, the bike can be perfectly positioned to ensure maximum user comfort during their exercise routine and with minimised risk of strain or injury.

Leon adds: "Our new inclusive fitness range offers a much greater choice and many more opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of physical activity.  Having been inspired by the Paralympics, and with assistance from sports science experts at Loughborough University, the new Trinity Cycle is just one of a range of exciting products designed to get people active."  

The new range also features the Hand Cycle, which offers two access options; either, for full ability users, via the inbuilt seat or, for wheelchair users, via access from the outside, using the ideally positioned hand grips.  It also has a unique hand and pedal system, removing the need for users to touch potentially muddy foot pedals and providing a more comfortable hand hold. In addition, the Hand Cycle and Push Hands exerciser feature full universal instructions and QR codes, linking to training videos by qualified fitness trainers. These can be easily accessed via a mobile phone.

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