Sonobex announce Technology Strategy Board Funding for next generation Acoustic Barriers

Sonobex announce Technology Strategy Board Funding for next generation Acoustic Barriers
Sonobex Limited a newly formed spin-out from Loughborough University announces the award of funding from the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to develop next generation Acoustic Barriers for Road, High Speed Rail, Passenger and Freight Rail applications.
Sonobex's technology is based on a new area of Physics known as Sonic Crystals first seen in the late 90's. The technology causes destructive interference to sound signals, cancelling rather than reflecting or absorbing the signals. This is particularly powerful as designs are tuned to particular dominant frequencies to achieve significant reduction levels.
These next generation acoustic barriers will address major global noise pollution issues on the worlds transport infrastructure addressing the impact on health related problems with noise.
The total project value is £358K, with an anticipated £161K in funding from the Technology Strategy Board.
The 12-month project is expected to complete in April 2015 with first CE mark prototypes produced by February 2015.
Paul Gooch, Sonobex's Chief Executive said: "Sonobex is delighted to have secured this funding. These next generation acoustic barriers will revolutionise the market, true performance measured in-situ under the new CE will differentiate these products from current market solutions and provide the protection required and expected."
Sonobex design and produce next generation noise reduction solutions with our patented technology for applications in Acoustic Barriers, Enclosures and bespoke engineering designs.
The products address noise problems in the following sectors: Industrial Engineering; Energy generation and distribution; Construction; Road transport; and rail.

The products harnesses the powerful, sound-dampening effect of sonic crystal design SonoTECH to control, direct and manipulate sound.

Sonobex products can be made of any material including re-cycled plastics, galvanised steels and clear poly-carbonates to provide a multitude of solutions for differing requirements and applications.

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